The Alfalfa Bill Century Bike Ride | Tishomingo, Oklahoma

The Twenty-Ninth

Alfalfa Bill Century Bicycle Ride


The 2016 ride will be on October 22.  It will start in  Pennington Park, 

Tishomingo, OK at 9 a.m.  Put it on your calendar.

Good ride today.  We had some  brief, light showers but most of the ride was dry with the temperature climbing to the low 70s.  The threat of rain reduced our overall numbers but those that went ahead and came said they enjoyed the ride.  Click on the 2015 rider link to view ride photos.

Contact, 580-371-3358, if you have questions.

The 2015 Alfalfa Bill Century Ride Guide

Out of adversity comes creativity.  Tishomingo and Johnston County had over fifty inches of rain between January and July this year.  At one point, Pennington Park, the tradiitonal starting place for our ride, was under more than six feet of water.  Some of the routes we planned for this ride are still under water. Other roads and bridges were so damaged they are closed and will be for months to come.  So, back to the drawing board—how can we come up with new routes that will by-pass the damaged roads?  The results-some new routes that manage to avoid all of the stricken areas. 

We, as always, have five route options this year:  All the rides are on paved, rural roads.  All routes are designated on the highways by brightly painted arrows. Abundant rest stops and sag wagons will be available on all the routes. 

 You will get lots of personal attention. Our sag riders will stay out there with you---with water, drink supplements, fruit, Alfalfa Bill power cookies, repair support, and encouragement until every rider gets back. 

Ten-Mile Fun Ride: 

This popular ride takes you out to the Tishomingo National Wildlife Refuge and the Cumberland Pool of Lake Texoma.  It is a great ride for the beginning rider, or those who do not want a strenuous ride. This year you will get a closeup view of the flood’s destruction as much of the Headquarters area was inundated when Lake Texoma reached record heights.

The ride includes a nice view of the lake with observation scopes when you get to the Refuge Headquarters.  Along the way there are historical markers of a pre-statehood Chickasaw school and a cemetery for early settlers. [The short offroad ride on the Craven Nature Trail down to a large, wooden observation walkway at Dick’s Pond is still closed at this time.]  

 The Refuge is located on the historic Washita Farms site.  The Headquarters area has an arboretum, a visitors' center, a bird observation tower, and a museum of sharecropper life on the Washita Farms prior to  Lake Texoma's construction in the 1940s. 

On this ride you might see deer, wild turkeys, raccoons, cottontails, and all kinds of song and shore birds.  Even if you are riding one of the longer rides this beautiful area is worth a visit while you are in town.

Twenty-Mile Ride: 

This ride provides a great variety of scenery for a relatively short ride over mostly flat terrain.  You will head east out of Tishomingo on Hwy. 78.  You will continue east for about 2 1/2 milest  past where the ten milers have turned off and then you'll turn north on  Bullard Chapel Road. At the entrance to the Blue River Public Hunting and Fishing Area you turn west [left] onto Blue River Road.  This region was an area of dairy farming in the 1940s and 1950s, and you might still see a few Holsteins.  At Hwy. 377, you'll turn left [back south] toward Tishomingo and Pennington Park.  

[The Blue River Public Hunting and Fishing Area is a beautiful location to visit.  The road into the area is only a couple of miles but you do need to have an Oklahoma hunting or fishing license to enter it.  Again, it is will worth an after-ride visit.]

Thirty-Mile Ride:  

This scenic ride heads east out of Tishomingo on Hwy. 78 but you’ll turn south (right)  on H. 22 skirting the east edge of the Cumberland Pool of the lake.  At Nida you’ll turn back north (left)  on Hwy. 78, travel through the hamlet of Emet where the historic White House of the Chickasaw Nation is located.  You’ll keep traveling north through Milburn and then west back toward Tishomingo and Pennington Park.  This ride has a series of moderate  hills on Hwy.  22  but before reaching Nida moves out onto the Twelve-Mile Prairie, and then returns through wooded areas as you approach Milburn.  

Fifty-Four Mile Ride:  

You will follow the same route east out of Tishomingo on Hwy. 78 and south [right] on Hwy. 22 as the thirty milers. but at Nida but you will travel on east on Hwy. 22 to Hwy. 48 where your turn south [right] and ride to  Hwy. 78 where you turn west [right].  You will travel north to the Nida junction staying on Hwy. 78 through the hamlet of Emet and the small community of Milburn still on Hwy. 78 all the way back to Tishomingo.  

The Century Ride:  

You will follow the same route east out of Tishomingo on Hwy. 78as the thirty-mile riders and fifty-four  mile riders. Then continue on Hwy. 78 to Milburn where you will turn north [left] on Hwy. 48A all the way to Coleman.  Hwy. 48A turns east [right] 2.3 miles north of Milburn and then 9 miles on to Coleman. At Coleman you turn north [left] on Hwy. 48 seven miles to Wapanucka.  At the Hwy. 7 junction in Wapanucka turn west [left] and travel 13 miles to Hwy. 99/377.  Turn south [left]  and ride 3.6 miles  before turning east [left] on Blue River Road  and ride 3.3 miles before turning south [right] on Bullard Chapel Road.  Ride 5.1 miles to Hwy. 78.  Turn west [right] and ride 4 miles to  Refuge Road next to the High School.  Turn south [left]  on Refuge Road and ride the  7-mile loop down the Refuge Headquarters and back.  When you get back to the High School turn west [left] on Hwy. 78 and return to Pennington Park.  Congratuallations, you have gone through lot beautiful country and have finished 100 miles.  

Ride colors-White-10 miles; Red-20 miles; Yellow-30 miles; Green-54 miles; Orange-100 miles

            This ride has always been the “Alfalfa Bill Century Ride” with a full 100-mile ride for those who want to accomplish that bicycling milestone, whether for the first or the 100th time.  The ride is not a race so the only prize is a sense of achievement [and your picture posted on this website for the next year].  

Alfalfa Bill "Power" Cookies:

 As always, our famous, homemade,  Alfalfa Bill "power" cookies will be served at all the rest stops along with fruit, water, and pickles.  If you have never tasted these "alfalfa bill ride" cookies you don't know how good a cookie can taste, or how much fun a bicycle ride can be.


Power Cookie Recipe-for making your own.


The Tee Shirt:

Another Alfalfa Bill Ride tradition that makes this ride just a little different is a quality,  long-sleeved, tee shirt.  It will be provided to all pre-registered riders and is available on a first-come, first-served basis the morning of the ride.  [We'll even mail you your shirt free if you register and then can't make the ride. We told you that we try to make this an extra-special ride.]  

(Monies from the Alfalfa Bill ride go to support the Tishomingo Development Team's Eighth Period-the after school tutoring program,  the Children's Summer Camp, and the Johnston County Youth Leadership Program.)

To pre-register, mail the registration form below with a $25.00 check or money order
by October 10, 2015 to :  Fran Morrell, Tishomingo Development Team, 106 So. Byrd,
Tishomingo, Oklahoma 73460. Make your check payable to the: Tishomingo Development Team.  For more information call: (580) 371-3358 (Ask for Fran), or e-mail her:
   After Oct. 10 registration is $30.00.

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Registration Form

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Route [Circle One]   10- mile ride      20- mile ride  30-mile ride   54-mile ride     Century Ride       

Mail Registration to:  Fran Morrell, 106 South Byrd, Tishomingo, OK  73460.   Make your check payable to the: Tishomingo Development Team.       (580)371-3358

Disclaimer: Neither the Tishomingo Development Team nor any other individual or organization assumes any responsibility for any damages, injury or other problems which arise directly or indirectly from anyone's participation in this event.

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