Tishomingo Bicycle Shop | Tishomingo, Oklahoma

Tishomingo Bicycle Shop LLC

"Serving Tishomingo & the Texoma Area since 1978"

106 South Byrd
Tishomingo, OK 73460


Think green tips:  

  • When you plant perennials, plant drought-resistant native species.
  •  Use your  washing machine's "gray water" to water your plants.
  • Ask you yourself when you go to run an errand-"Could I ride my bicycle to do this?"

We repair all brands and models of bicycles.   


-We sell Summit three-wheel tricycles, 
industrial bicycles, unicycles,  & children's balance bicycles.

-We can assist you in purchasing a bicycle online:

       -advising you on various features to look for, 

        -help you determine the correct frame size for you, 

         -assembling and adjusting the bicycle for you when it arrives.

  1.  We sell all sizes of tubes-regular and puncture resistant [Presta and Shrader valves], all sizes of tires and replacement wheels.
  2. We provide free repair estimates, and we can advise you on whether repair or replacement will be most cost effective.
  3. We can correct for you those little, but annoying adjustment problems-cable tightening, brake and derailleur adjustments, spoke tightening, wheel truing, seat and handlebar height and angle problems.
  4. We sell all kinds of parts and accessories-softer seats, baskets, water bottles, patch kits, tools, auto and pickup racks, training wheels and many, many other things for your bicycle, including many "legacy" parts.

    Best of all. Our prices for labor, parts, and accessories are quite reasonable.
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